About Us

About AVPlus Media Solutions

AVPLUS Media Solutions was founded by Dwight Hansen in 2006 to support the three pillars of communications systems: Data Systems, Voice Systems, and Video Systems. Our team has 50 years combined experience in the deployment of these systems. We carry certifications in all the platforms we provide, knowing that factory support is key in providing solid solutions. Our personnel hold, many additional industry certifications.

We have implemented hundreds of Video-Conferencing / AV Systems, thousands of Telephones, thousands of Structured Cabling Drops and dozens of Fiber – Optic networks in the West Texas Corridor and Permian Basin.

In the many years of supporting these platforms, we have determined that the integration, simplification and economizing of these systems will enable the CEO of any enterprise to economize and enhance management and technical staff while increasing connectivity, productivity and profitability in his or her organization.

For many companies, systems and technology are so rapidly evolving that they would like to protect their investment in equipment and yet take advantage of the new emerging technologies. We strive as a company and as a team to assist our clients in retaining their value while deploying cost effective technologies.

Mission & Purpose

We “Don’t only practice (our) art, but force (our) way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” - Ludwig van Beethoven

AVPLUS Media Solutions daily considers and exercises it's obligation to it's Clients, Community, Stockholders, and Team Members to practice equity, justice, excellence, and profitable development in all its systems, goals, plans, and projects.

AVPLUS Media Solutions has it's Primary Objective the research, investigation, development, implementation, and maintenance of Excellent Communications and Media Systems and Solutions for Enterprise and its adjuncts. In doing so we allow Enterprises the opportunity to protect their current investments in their technologies while also migrating into new technologies which allow them to Simplify and Integrate their User Interfaces and empower their personnel and management teams.

AVPLUS Media Solutions has established the direction and management team that has the ability to research, investigate, develop, implement, and maintain excellent systems resulting in good value integrated solutions in the following technology sectors: Unified Collaboration, Enterprise Audio/ Video, Wired/ Wireless Infrastructure, Cloud, and Video Surveillance.

AVPLUS Media Solutions only provides solutions that make good sense for the client, meaning that where protecting the existing technology investment is not a good value, we only recommend solutions that have long range benefit to the client. Where complete replacement, or full migration are the solution, this is what we recommend. Where integration to new technologies and retaining legacy technologies is a good value, we recommend this paradigm.

AVPLUS Media Solutions recognizes the contributions of the Client, Community, Stockholders, and Team Members in the establishment of it's value to the whole. AVPLUS Media Solutions therefore is built upon streamlined systems and unencumbered platforms which allow us to share profitability and generous benefits while maintaining cost effective total solutions.


  1. We maintain 100% honesty in all our dealings with our Shareholders, Management team, Staff and Clientele.
  2. We attempt to have fun in all our implementations and regard our work not only as our science but our art.
  3. We strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work with legal and traditional norms for diet and exercise recognizing that our abilities and offerings will be enhanced by doing so. In connection with this constitution, we give God our best, our family, our art as well as our community the best we have to offer. We also recognize this system of priorities in all our workings.
  4. In the establishment of our business, we strive to maintain excellence by virtue of order and craftsmanship.
  5. We exceed traditional standards of loyalty in business, always acting with loyalty towards our Shareholders, Management team, Staff and Clientele. In doing so, we develop a reputation of doing what is best for all parties concerned, resulting in a spirit of Win- Win. We do not recognize situational ethics but always do what is right.
  6. In all our management as well as our designs, implementations, and maintenance we are thoughtful providers, never simply half-baking a solution, should we not be able to do justice in a solution, we pass on the opportunity, leaving it in more capable hands.
  7. Our objective is to make an honest and bountiful living for ourselves, never compromising our values in the thoughtful and deliberate projects that we undertake. This is an enterprise dedicated to the proposition that when we do well by our Clientele, Staff, Management Team and Shareholders, we offer a better life to all, and become pillars of righteousness in our communities.