Types of Clientèle we work with

We work with companies and professionals who want to integrate and simplify communication systems and protect existing communications investments, who want to communicate in any way over all communications standards.

Education: K-12 and Higher Education

Many School districts and Colleges implement video-conferencing systems in rooms or on mobile carts in order to expand their reach for rural areas as well as offering courses from universities or instructors abroad. Multi-media field trips also allow k-12 classes to get up-close and personal guided tours of exciting venues while never leaving the class-room. These offerings allow an expanded outlook to the classroom activities while saving the environment and the budget.

Health Care: Hospitals and Clinics

Tele-Medicine is no longer just an abstract concept but has been implemented in many hospitals and clinics world-wide. Not only can this offering expand the outreach of rural health-care facilities, but can give physicians access to specialists that may not be available in their clinic or emergency room. Now as High-Definition broadcast-quality video-conferencing has become widespread, the detail apparent in a multi-media video-conferencing call allows diagnosis of many different conditions.

One of the latest additions to these health-care facilities are secure wireless networks which allow nurses and providers to access patient databases from laptop and tablet devices. These networks must be secure so as to allow maintain confidentiality.

Elderly Care and Retirement Community

Having a strong data-infrastructure with appropriately located wireless-access-points with strong encryption and security, has become imperative in todays elderly-care facilities. Aging in-place programs in many of todays elderly care facilities require communications systems not only connecting the business administration personnel, but need to allow the resident to communicate over the telephone and the Internet. Management companies can gain additional revenue streams when hosting these systems in-house. By doing do they can offer their residents significant cost savings.


Doctor and Lawyer, CPA firms, Employment Agencies, Court Reporting companies, National Videoconferencing vendors.

Many professional firms have not only installed voice communication systems and information technologies, but also have the need to hold video-deposition and collaboration with remote partners and clients. CPA firms, often are rural partners and multi-site partner collaboratives. Travel to periodic board meetings can often conflict with partner schedules and involve the high cost of air-travel and lodging. Saving the environment is also a factor in significantly limiting air and ground travel.

Board rooms can share the functionality locally or with a remote client, partner or candidate. Not only can participants share presentations in a multi-media room, but high-definition projection and audio systems allow an “immersive” solution, having a genuine “being there” or “face to face” experience. State of the art microphones and high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras with automated and recessed deployment systems allow a powerful “at your fingertips” look and feel.

Commercial, Industrial

Manufacturers and research and development firms often collaborate remotely with vendors and fabricators to assure the specifications of their products are adhered to. High definition videoconferencing can allow these collaborations to occur on-demand and with the micro-fine detail necessary for close examination. In addition many firms utilize video-conferencing systems to conduct periodic training classes and hands-on safety demonstrations. This can free up safety and training personnel to visit construction sites and assembly lines.

Worship Centers

Todays worship congregations employ a broad spectrum of video, audio and lighting equipment. Automation is also apparent when these systems are used in a production. These integrations have traditionally involved a console operator who synchronizes them, but more and more, automation processors reside at the core of these integrations. This can lessen the need for operator control of every event.

We have also deployed video-conferencing systems at Bible-Study centers at local church congregations allowing them to “connect” to a Christian University who maintains a staff of Doctors of Theology. These Doctors can tech these Bible classes to multiple worship centers simultaneously. This gives these students a deep perspective from seasoned teachers.


Custom control centers in Gas Plants, Refineries, Distribution Plants Etc. are imperative and must be reliable. Working with Plant Engineers, we have installed custom communications infrastructure. In these systems and integrations, assemblies must exceed specifications. Mc2 – AVPLUS, takes pride in the quality of wiring systems that exceed specifications.


Video-Conferencing is also being successfully utilized in city and county court, allowing judges to perform bail hearings with inmates. This technology speeds up the time for these hearings to take place.

Mc2 -AVPLUS has also developed a system to automate the recording of sobriety tests in the jail.


Phone systems in the Hotel-Motel sector must integrate with the accounting system so as to allow immediate access to the phone bill of a guest upon checkout. PMS link allows this and much more. Guest name, message waiting and wakeup call functionality are also communicated over PMS link.

Digital and/ or Analog video distribution systems with “Pay Per View” capability have become commonplace in most all Hotels and Motels. Mc2 – in partnership with cable and satellite providers offers fast local service and competitive rates for the hospitality sector.

Athletic Clubs

Todays athletic clubs not only have state of the art exercise and workout equipment, but require high end video and music distribution equipment to enhance the workout experience. Telephone systems also allow members as well as administration personnel to receive and make phone calls. Information technology requirements have increased as well with courtesy WIFI networks for smart-phones, tablet PCs and MP3 players. In addition, some clubs utilize these wireless information networks for laptops and tablets that trainers may need to log member performance during coaching sessions.

Call Centers

Communications systems in call centers can really manifest the full range of integrations available in information and telephone systems. Computer Telephony Integration,or “CTI” allows an account representative or call taker to use their PC to quickly dial from their Customer Relationship Management Software. Also, using caller ID, incoming calls would 'pop' the account information and notes to the screen on their PC.

Call Centers also are outfitted to receive and make a multitude of different types of calls. The traditional type is voice. Now we must be prepared to route “chat” and “E-Mail” calls as well. Making sure that these various types of calls are routed based on the proper rules, is a function of “Multi-Media” Call Center Servers and Switches. Maintaining these systems requires a knowledge and expertise in both Information Technologies and Voice Technologies, as well as the ability to integrate these systems.


Today's entertainment and restaurant establishments have background and/ or foreground music and video systems. Quality implementations set us apart from the competition.

National Communications Companies

Much of todays business is with national retail and food service chains. These companies desire uniformity in their communication systems. With this trend, many national communications companies have evolved. These companies offer “cookie cutter” solutions so that their clients have the same operation so that when staff move from site to site, they need not re-learn the systems. Many national communications vendors trust us to deploy and repair their clients systems, present their logo and maintain confidentially.